Did you know…

  • It’s considered good luck if one of our cards happens to showcase a date that holds special significance to you! (Considered by whom? Not sure. But it’s definitely considered good luck. At least by us.)
  • You may be able to sell Random Greeting Cards in your store. Contact us for wholesale account inquiries.
  • Every order comes with some random surprise. What is it? You won’t know ’til you order. Why? Because it’s fun.
  • Coupons are offered on our website at random. Obviously.

Say, what?

Here are just a few comments we’ve received from our dozens of customers:

  • “I can’t wait to send one of your funny greeting cards to grandma. She’ll be so confused.” –B.W., Clearwater, FL
  • These are so funny!” –C.S., Austin, TX
  • I love your cards, especially the funny holidays! Shark Awareness made me lol.” –K.C., Los Angeles, CA
  • The pet greetings are adorable.” –L.B., Portland, OR
  • I’m sending your holiday cards out to a different friend every month, and everyone loves them.” –L.G., Houston, TX
  • I don’t get it.” –my mother (if she were alive)

What’s the story behind the funny greeting card line?

“That’s funny! I’m gonna put that on a card.” And thus concludes the lengthy tale of how Random Greeting Cards came to be.

RGC’s wacky brainchild enjoys hatching all sorts of crazy ideas and is usually pursuing several simultaneously. Once she finalized the messaging for the first four Random Greeting Card series, with patience, research, practice, and a considerable amount of cursing, she learned how to design the look and feel she thought best suited the content. With encouragement from friends and family, and an affordable and user-friendly platform for designers, she set out to share her love for randomness with the people. Viva la revolution!

But, why?

Because we rarely write anymore. It’s not old-fashioned, it’s underutilized. A personal card makes people smile and think fondly of the sender, knowing they selected the perfect card, wrote on it by hand, put a stamp on it, and got it into the mail – just for them. It’s better than a tweet, a Facebook post, or an email. It says, “you’re worth my time and I want you to know it.”

Businesses we like and think you should, too

Favorite local printers:

  • Trade Printing, Portland, Oregon – Friendly, helpful, quality work – thanks, Eric and team!
  • SP&B Printing, Lake Oswego, Oregon – Nick, you’re awesome!

Oregon Retailers:

  • Seaworthy Coffee and Gifts, Netarts, Oregon – tell Corissa we say hello!